WELCOME TO EMTECH Expert of Plastic Pipe Connection

EMTECH originated from Hubei Efeng Mould Co., LTD., which was founded in 1992. For many years, EMTECH has always been serving both domestic and foreign plastic pipe manufacturers and committed to innovation, design and development of tools and machinery for pipeline connection system.

Our product lines are from the fitting molds to plasticizing extruders and large diameter socketing machine. We are key enterprise and executive member of China Die & Mold Industry Association (CDMIA). Years of honed technology and craftsman spirit make us a good reputation and influence in the industry.

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Emtech Industrial Park, No. 6 Chuangye Ave, Ezhou Economic Development Zone, Hubei Province

Contact number: 027-59370566 027-59370266

Fax: 027-59370299

E-mail: market@efeng.com