• High productivity molds for regular fittings

    High productivity molds for regular fittings

    Product introduction

    16 cavity dn40x90° PVC elbow

    Cycle time: 48 sec, 3sec/cavity

    The high productivity mold developed for regular pipe fitting can make the best use of the injection machine space and injection volume. Break the limitation of time and space, double the productivity

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  • Interchangeable PE fitting molds

    Interchangeable PE fitting molds

    Product introduction

    12 articles interchangeable mold for 45°Tee DN140/160/180  SDR11/17  PE100/PPR

    To solve the problem of shrinkage and deformation of PE fittings, the cooling system and molding surface compensation are scientifically designed. Product naturally cooled without post-processing, shorten the production cycle, save equipment and labor costs.

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  • Molds for Electro-fusion fittings

    Molds for Electro-fusion fittings

    Product introduction

    DN160 electro-fusion elbow, 2 cavity

    The mold developed for post-wiring process. Fittings have stable and accurate size, is perfect for the existing post-wiring equipment.

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  • Molds for inspection manhole

    Molds for inspection manhole

    Product introduction

    DN630 manhole molds, 4 articles interchangeable

    Interchangeable mold for large diameter municipal pipe fitting. The company has 1500t, 2500t special testing machine. All trial adjustment is completed in the factory.

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